Nurith Goshen

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Nurith Goshen is Curator of Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Periods (ca. 4500–1200 BCE) in the Bronfman Archaeology Wing of the Israel Museum.  She specializes in Bronze Age monumental architecture of the Aegean and the Levant, and in the relationship between society and material culture.  Her academic interest in materiality was manifested in the recent exhibition Ashkelon: A Retrospective which she co-curated at the Rockefeller Archaeology Museum, a satellite of the Israel Museum.  Nurith has co-authored several articles concerning ancient material culture, such as textile production tools, Middle Bronze Age wall paintings, and monumental architecture, and has also participated in archaeological excavations in Israel and Crete. Nurith also undertakes outreach activities, communicating archaeological material and ways of thinking to the general public. She finds motivation in the notion that sometimes the distant past is a productive vehicle to shed light upon contemporary social process.