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About Us

Our Approach

CoCuDi is an international organization based in Israel. We develop knowledge and implement communication processes to mediate intercultural barriers for individuals and organizations.

In today’s global-local world, there is an increasing need to better understand the differences between individual, communal, national and global identities. Therefor, engagement in the creative and cultural identity of the other, and in the reflective process of understanding and presenting your own culture, is key to eliminating fear and prejudice and introducing openness and understanding.

Cocudi methods encourage individuals and groups to maintain and be proud of their unique self, while appreciating and learning of the other by facilitating self-growth, mutual respect and peaceful understanding.

Our Story

Eli Wimpfheimer & Tamar Dekel

We came from different worlds but soon we understood the power of partnership. We established our first joint program in 2015. From there we embarked on various projects in Israel and worldwide. We learned together about our uniqueness and our unity and the goal to jointly lead significant social action.

We believe in the power of creativity, art and culture to make the world we live in a place that is good, contains and promotes mutual respect and strengthens the connection between different cultures and identities.

Our journey is full of challenges and thrills, with a broad toolbox and a lot of hope for the advancement and development of our shared home.