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About Us

CoCuDi Center: Fostering Tolerance and Social Impact

CoCuDi is an international organization committed to building a more tolerant, just, and peaceful society by recognizing and respecting each person’s unique identity and culture. We address a critical challenge facing entrepreneurs in developing communities: limited access to skills, training, and infrastructure. Our goal is to support local changemakers, by offering practical training, networking opportunities, and resources to deepen their impact.

Our programs bridge cultural divides through knowledge-sharing, promoting local social action, and fostering sustainable practices. We facilitate exchange programs for faculty and students across East Africa and the Middle East, focusing on cultural exchange and mutual learning. Through these initiatives, we build networks and collaborations that foster social capital and cross-cultural understanding.

CoCuDi’s key projects include:

– Ugandan Israeli Art Academies Exchange (ceramics, glass, textiles, fashion, product design)

– Namutumba Abayudaya Community’s Agriculture and Innovation

– PANDO – International Creative Network

CoCuDi was founded in 2018 by Eli Wimpfheimer and Tamar Dekel and is registered as a not-for-profit organization in Israel. Join us in creating a more inclusive world.