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Cocudi Center
Cocudi Center1 month ago
CoCuDi is committed to building a more tolerant, just, and peaceful society by recognizing and respecting each person's unique identity and culture.
Cocudi Center
Cocudi Center5 months ago
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Namutumba District, Uganda
We are proud to share three inspiring stories of women's #Entrepreneurship in Namutumba, Eastern Uganda. Last year, we founded ten Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) as part of the Namutumba project’s focus on enhancing community resilience and empowerment in the Abayudaya community and its neighbors. The groups have united women from the different religious groups in the region, supported their children’s education, and significantly improved health savings.

The recent founding of three women-led businesses speaks to the beauty of such initiatives and their ability to catalyze transformative change and pave the way for financial independence and community prosperity. Kawendeke Florence, from the Busambaiza Women Saving Group, used #VSLA support to start a hair salon business. Namukose Betty, from the Kantengerere Women Saving Group, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing a grocery shop. And the women of the Busambaiza group joined forces to create a cooperative shop, building a replicable collaboration model.

These stories echo the #Resilience and #Determination of Namutumba's women. Through entrepreneurship, they are not just shaping their own destinies but also inspiring their communities towards a brighter future. We congratulate Florence, Betty, and the Busambaiza group on their business establishments and wish them and all Namutumba VSLA groups much success!

#VSLASuccess #CommunityEmpowerment
Cocudi Center
Cocudi Center9 months ago
“The unique properties of bark cloth extend an invitation to artists and designers who, like me, have become all too used to working digitally,” reflects Maria Erhard on her experiments with the traditional #Ugandan fabric and adds, “new materials can expand our artistic sense of self.” The Austrian designer joined our project coordination team last year and was excited to participate in this year’s artist residency with the #OldJaffaArtistResidency and learn from Doreen Namatovu about bark cloth, its traditional meaning, and contemporary redefinition. She printed on bark cloth, molded the fabric into a light fixture, explored various mixed-medium opportunities, guided students from #StudioAnkori through #OrganicDye experiments, and relished the #CreativeExchange with her fellow residents. We wish her much success in her creative and professional journey.

African Studies Gallery Makerere University College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology
JAR - Old Jaffa Artists Residency Maria Erhard Doreen Namatovu
Cocudi Center
Cocudi Center10 months ago
🍍🌱 Exciting Update from Namutumba District, Uganda 🌱🍍

We're proud to share about our most recent monthly training workshop in Namutumba, centering on pineapple sales this time. Our Namutumba Agriculture For Life - NAFL agricultural expert, Nehemia, joined hands with the participant farmers to showcase their plentiful #PineappleYields from the latest season. With district officials, local residents, and other stakeholders present, the #NAFL farmers proudly displayed their achievements, shared their progress, and delved into effective sales techniques.

The event reached its highlight when NAFL farmers auctioned off their finest produce. In one of the pictures, Nehemia holds up a 7 kg pineapple – a testament to the success of our efforts. Since introducing cash crops, pineapples have emerged as the shining stars of the NAFL project. As we celebrate this milestone, we're already looking ahead to developing pathways for post-harvest value addition, ensuring that farmers and their communities continue to thrive.

Thank you to everyone who joined this remarkable event.

Israel Siriri
Cocudi Center
Cocudi Center10 months ago
“Thank you for the interesting and inspiring opportunity – next time in Uganda,” summarized Shir Melech her involvement in this year’s artist residency with the #OldJaffaArtistResidency. The recent graduate from the Shenkar Textile Design Dept. המחלקה לעיצוב טקסטיל שנקר participated in our international bark cloth course in 2020 and was excited to return, bringing her beloved #Cyanotype printing technique to the traditional #Ugandan fabric. The other residents greatly enjoyed the creative exchange: “Shir has inspired me not only with this new technique but also with her deep thought and profound connection to nature.” We wish her much success in any future endeavors and especially want to gratulate her for the recent and very successful presentation of her final project at Shenkar, dealing with the broken connection between man and the universe.

African Studies Gallery
Doreen Namatovu Makerere University College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology
Cocudi Center
Cocudi Center11 months ago
Photos from Cocudi Center's post
Hoima District, Uganda
🎉👩‍🎓 Cohort #2 graduation in Hoima, Uganda 👩‍🎓🎉

We are overjoyed to announce the graduation of the second Ntunga Hoima cohort! 🎓🧵

It is with immense pride that we celebrate the achievements of eight remarkable young women who have successfully completed the program. Many of these graduates are also mothers who have shown exceptional dedication and resilience throughout their journey.

The graduation ceremony took place on the premises of the Hoima district administration, where these talented women showcased their newfound sewing skills. Their hard work, determination, and creativity were visible in their beautiful creations.

We extend our thanks to the district administration for hosting us in this significant moment. We know that the ceremony has served as a powerful testament to the impact of the Ntunga project and its potential to transform lives, and we will continue to weave a partnership network that will make the project sustainable and empower more women in the community.

Congratulations to our exceptional graduates! We believe in your potential to achieve great things, and we look forward to seeing your next steps unfold. Together, let's continue to create positive change and uplift our community through skill-building and empowerment. 🌟💪

Thanks to the Streetlights Uganda team for being such a positive power in the project! Thank you, Kiggundu Rodney Art Studio, for the beautiful pictures. And last but not least, thank you to #SBCUganda for your support.

#NtungaProject #Ntunga2023 #GraduationCelebration #ChangingLivesThroughFashion

Streetlights Uganda
Victoria Merab
Joan Nabwire