CoCuDi promotes a tolerant, just and peace-striving society that recognizes and respects the unique identity and culture of every person.

CoCuDi‘s mission is to overcome barriers of misunderstanding, prejudice and distrust that cause societal injustices, by creating programs rooted in cultural identities and characteristics, primarily in under-industrialized countries.

CoCuDi accomplishes this by employing an array of methods that enhance tolerance and mutual respect by educating and sensitizing change agents to unfamiliar cultures and, at the same time, engaging them in a reflective process of their own culture and perceptions.

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Cocudi Center44 minutes ago
Keeping the routine in times of @corona
Video conference directors' meeting - got to stay updated.
Stay safe and health <3
Hi CoCuDi!
Cocudi Center
Cocudi Center2 weeks ago
Project development in times of #corona.
We are very excited to share with you the initial steps of the early childhood development center at Kyapaloni community in Hoima district Western Uganda.
We came with the implementing partner @Health Child Uganda team, led by @Betty Walakira, to asses the needs of the community and school before opening an ECD center at the community's primary school.
We are grateful to SBC Uganda for their facilitation and support. And we thank Makerere University Dept of Social Work & Social Administration and מכללת אורנים Oranim Academic College for their knowledge support.
Cocudi Center
Cocudi Center2 weeks ago
Ntunga women's day breakfast! Look at these powerful women !