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Art for a Change – Glocal Magazine 2022 Launch Event

    May 26th, 2022 • 6 PM • Ha’gra Community Center • Tel Aviv

    Glocal is an interdisciplinary 18-month graduate program offered by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They translate academic research into a practical understanding of community development – an approach empowering communities in need across the world to prosper and succeed. 

    Glocal publishes The Glocal Annual Magazine which includes critical, field-based, and academically attuned perspectives from the world of social change and community development, as presented by the entire Glocal community: students, alumni, faculty and staff.

    This year Glocal Magazine inspects the role of art as an agent for change in the international development field. Art has the ability to inspire, give hope, empower and give voices the unheard, therefore international development practitioners use different forms of art to make a change in society. CoCuDi is proud to be part of the Glocal Magazine this year.

    Information and RSVP: