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Global Creative Network

Pando partners strive to create a global joint platform of artists and craftspeople from around the world promoting cultural exchange, equal access and exposure, entrepreneurial opportunities, networking infrastructure and social business capacities. The network will be mainly digital and will include a capacity building program and a mentorship program, alongside a public digital platform. These programs will showcase and promote our project’s themes of social justice such as climate change, gender equality and emotional well-being.

Pando will enable creatives to develop, showcase and expose their creative products – whether it is a physical artifact or a cultural experience – while strengthening cultural dialogue and awareness.

As part of its mission, Pando partners will focus of women creatives.


Generate a platform showcasing creatives’ voices: As creativity is an essential aspect of our humanity, the more access and exposure we have to different voices and stories, the more positive social change can be created.

Build bridges connecting a diverse group of artists and art lovers alike: As the world becomes more and more virtual, we aim to support and strengthen global relationships and exchange.


Create a newly constructed digital platform of craftsmen, artists and institutions.

Support small entrepreneurial creative initiatives to provide livelihood and income.

Raise awareness: Publish annual reports on the network’s events, workshops, etc.

Provide platform for mentoring.

Provide platform for membership program.