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An International Creative Platform

Pando is an international network of creatives and female-led collectives amplified by its members and through capacity building and knowledge exchange. The network’s online platform connects conscious consumers to ethical products and experiences.

Vision – We envision a world where creatives flourish and amplify each other through capacity building and knowledge sharing, where traditional crafts are cherished in contemporary contexts, and where conscious consumers effortlessly access ethical and meaningful products and experiences.

Mission – Our platform connects an international network of creatives and female-led creative collectives to one another, and to entrepreneurial opportunities.

The membership-based platform enables creatives to exchange knowledge, strengthen their capacities, and engage in peer mentoring. Moreover, they develop and showcase their creative products through coaching opportunities and the adjunct sales platform.

The e-commerce platform allows conscious consumers to effortlessly access the network’s ethical products and experiences while increasing their cultural awareness as reflected in the products and experiences.

Activities – The Pando Network works towards three groups of stakeholders: its members ⬤, conscious consumers ⬤, and the general public ⬤.

⬤ Pando facilitates knowledge exchange through virtual meetings, strengthens members’ capacities through webinars and written materials, encourages peer mentoring between its members, and provides topical coaching by volunteer professionals. 

⬤ Pando assists its members in product development, branding, sales, distribution, and logistics – as needed to make their products and services effortlessly available to conscious consumers.

⬤ Pando publishes reports for public awareness, promotes its brand through film, photography, and writing, and adds to the public knowledge on disappearing crafts, the symbolism of crafts in different cultures, and creative responses to environmental challenges.

Goals and expected impact – Pando aims for and expects the following impact on its members and wider society, contributing to a more equitable and sustainable future.

⬤ Women’s empowerment – by bringing together female creatives from different cultures, the network creates a space for sharing knowledge, experiences, and challenges, providing community, confidence, and skill development.

⬤ Economic benefits – by connecting craftspersons from different regions, the network creates opportunities for economic growth and development. By working collaboratively, creatives benefit from economies of scale.

⬤ Preservation of traditional crafts – many traditional craft techniques vanish due to the rise of mass-produced goods. By bringing together craftspersons from different cultures, the network helps preserve these techniques.

⬤ Cultural exchange – the network builds bridges connecting a diverse group of creatives and conscious consumers, facilitating cultural exchange between different countries and cultures, and creating new hybrid designs and products.

⬤ Social impact – the network provides livelihood opportunities, among others, for women facing limited prospects in their communities. It also raises awareness of the importance of traditional crafts and the skills required to create them.