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Namutumba Innovation Agriculture Project

Project Overview:

The Namutumba Innovation Agriculture Project is a continuation of the Namutumba Agriculture for Life (NAFL) initiative, established in response to the agricultural challenges faced by the Namutumba Abayudaya community and their neighbors in Eastern Uganda. The project focuses on enhancing agricultural practices to ensure food security, increase household income, promote social cohesion, and empower community members, regardless of religious affiliation.


The primary objectives of the project are as follows:

1. Maintain food security and nutrition levels within the community.

2. Enhance resilience to droughts and other environmental challenges.

3. Foster social cohesion among Jewish, Muslim, and Christian families.

4. Create opportunities for post-harvest activities such as value addition and market access.

5. Advance gender equality and community resilience, particularly focusing on women, youth, and children.


The project targets 100 households, totaling approximately 700 individuals, including dependent children. Beneficiaries comprise both Jewish and non-Jewish families, with a commitment to treating all households equally, irrespective of religious affiliation.

Project Description:

The project comprises four key components:

Component 1: Support for Improved Agricultural Production:

This component aims to sustain and enhance agricultural production through:

– Provision of improved seeds and seedlings, including cash crops like pineapples, coffee, and ginger.

– Training in organic fertilizer and pesticide production.

– Environmental conservation efforts, including tree planting and waste management.

– Farmer training and mentoring in modern agricultural techniques.

Component 2: Agricultural Value Addition:

Farmers receive training and support to improve post-harvest handling, storage, and value addition, along with access to a stronger market network.

Component 3: Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) and Micro-Financing Loans:

VSLA programs facilitate savings for family expenses and provide access to loans for both domestic and business needs. These groups are supported by project staff and will hopefully be linked to microfinance services for agricultural inputs.

Component 4: Project Coordination:

A Coordinating Committee and Project Implementation Team ensure efficient distribution of project components. A dedicated project office serves as a hub for coordination and documentation.

International Coordination and Partnerships:

CoCuDi provides technical support, project design enhancement, and monitoring to ensure the project delivers expected benefits. Additionally, partnerships with organizations like Health Child Uganda support VSLA and gender equality initiatives.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

The project incorporates robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, including surveys and data analysis, to track progress against key indicators such as yield growth, financial resilience, gender equality, and children’s education.

Funding and Acknowledgments:

The Namutumba Innovation Agriculture project receives generous support from Debbie Dadon AM, along with valuable guidance from advisors like Zara Sarzin Perlman.

By focusing on sustainable agricultural practices, community empowerment, and social cohesion, the Namutumba Innovation Agriculture Project aims to build a resilient and prosperous future for the Namutumba Abayudaya community and its neighbors in Eastern Uganda.