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Sauti Screening and Masterclass with Dr. Lilian Nabulime

    The New Gallery at the Artists’ Studios Teddy and CoCuDi Center for Cosmopolitan Cultural Dialogue are happy to invite you for a screening of Sauti and an artist talk with Dr. Lilian Nabulime.

    “Sauti” (“Voice” in Swahili) follows the efforts of five young women who were brought to Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in Uganda as children. As they approach adulthood, these young women strive to pursue their dreams for a future beyond the constraints of a protracted refugee situation in an underdeveloped host country. Their choices are as diverse as the countries and circumstances of their origins.

    Following the screening is a n artist conversation with Dr. Lilian Nabulime, a practicing leading artist in East Africa and a senior lecturer at Makerere University Art School. Nabulime will present her work on sculptural forms in relation to femininity, sexuality, AIDS and migration.The screening is possible thanks to the generosity and collaboration of NeeNee productions. Lilian Nabulime’s artist talk is part of a joint project of CoCuDi with the African Studies Gallery and the Department for Ceramics and Glass at Bezalel Academy.