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שבוע האיור תל אביב | Tel Aviv Illustration Week

    As part of Tel Aviv Illustration Week, between 19-27 November 2021 CoCuDi will showcase a work by Reminac Comics, as part of ‘Illustrating Disease Free Future’ alongside projects by our partners Nala and Early starters.

    CoDuDi is collaborating with Reminac Studios since 2018 to promote creative approaches to social challenges in Uganda.

    Reminac Studios is a Kampala based studio that produces creative visions through comic books and motion pictures. They aim is to create visually powerful content to inspire, educate and empower the young generation with a creative mindset and skills. Reminac Comics uses comic art to inspire children to lead better lives by creating and publishing original African comic books with story lines designed to empower, educate and nurture the young generation into well-disciplined, highly imaginative and self-reliant individuals.

    School Days comic books series

    School Days rotates around the life of 10-year-old Mutebi Emma trying desperately to keep up his grades while the commotion from his new school life and home life threatens to shake his resolve.

    School Days Covid-19 Spin-off

    In 2020, the government of Uganda issued a nationwide lockdown. Emma did not yet know or understand what had happened, the gravity of it and how it would affect his life but little did he know that he would find out much sooner than he had expected. The School Days Covid-19 Spin-off takes place outside of the original ‘School Days comic book series’ to address the adverse implications of covid-19 on children and their education.